Karen Leone


i must be missing
if no one can see where i am
but you are the important one, so look fast
or relent, please, and run hard

i must have lost something
if no one can find a truth in me
but you are the only one, so look down
or relent, please, and turn quick

the lonely buzz of winter heat leaves no trace of comfort, dear
or understanding
not for you or for me either, so many miles from our warm, treasured room

and the snow is only white now
and so terribly cold
and its magic has disappeared
along with everyone else

let it float again, dear
and you with me
float again
once more
with me

After several years of dedicated convalescence, Karen Leone has almost fully recuperated from practicing corporate law and is a free-lance writer and co-founder of a tech product development group in Chicago, Illinois. By the gift of their joyfulness and unconditional love, her 4 children remind Karen daily about the virtues of humility and understanding, and of patience, even with herself. Karen’s work has appeared in Sasee Magazine.