Judy Grahn

If you lose your lover

if you lose your lover
rain hurt you   blackbirds
brood over the sky trees
burn down everywhere brown
rabbits run under
car wheels   should your
body cry?   to feel such
blue and empty bed dont
bother   if you lose your
lover comb hair go here
or there get   another

I am the wall at the lip of the water

I am the wall at the lip of the water
I am the rock that refused to be battered
I am the dyke in the matter, the other
I am the wall with the womanly swagger
I am the dragon, the dangerous dagger
I am the bulldyke, the bulldagger

and I have been many a wicked grandmother
and I shall be many a wicked daughter.

Look at my hands

Look at my hands
they are apples
my breasts
are apples
my heart
is an apple tree

Judy Grahn teaches Women's Spirituality and Queer literature. Her most recent book of poems is love belongs to those who do the feeling from Red Hen Press.