Sarah Sarai

Longing for a Blue Sky

I am goal-oriented like an orgasm,
exhausted already by details of your ego.
My details are colored "hesitation" and "confidence?"
though age, she educates.

My mood is London longing for a blue sky.
I take the Hudson River as my lover
the Southwest as my comforter
Mount Shasta as my tomb.
Who wouldn't want to spend millennia
in a fine female breast?

In my pain—everything I need to be pleased.
I am pleased already, could you shut up!
See me, in a woman's burial mound?
About your ego:
It destroys nothing, not even itself.

Sarah Sarai has poems forthcoming in Gargoyle and Boston Review. Her collection, The Future Is Happy, was published by BlazeVOX [books] in 2009. She also writes fiction, with stories in, Tampa Review, Storyglossia, South Dakota Review and others.