Shirley Pulido

Silver and Gold

THAT RUINOUS ROCK and Reason’s wreck,
    The Moon, my one-time master!
His sigh, my sigh—his phase, my clock;
Ah, how I loved that ruinous rock!
    I ran—and he ran faster ...

I’m old and can afford the Sun
    Now, sixty some years after:
When Moon spilled silver on my head
And dumped me from his rocky bed ...
    Sun climbed in, —all laughter!

Shirley Pulido is a professional portrait painter, and Fulbright scholar. Her work can be seen at the Vose Gallery in Boston. She is a latecomer to poetry and mad about the sonnet. Her poems have only begun their career with an appearance in two anthologies just this year: Filled with Breath: 30 Sonnets By 30 Poets, and The 2010 Poet's Guide to New Hampshire: More Places, More Poets. Another poem is forthcoming in Light Quarterly.