Erin Wynn

Pronouns Fade in Twilight

Strolling along the Cincy skyline
dancing in the moonlight to
the river’s beauteous music;
conscious and inebriated because
pronouns fade in twilight.

So they two-step to the river’s lapse
unafraid of—who’s leading who
because the beat the starlight keeps,
doesn’t know the gender blues.

The rusty belt of Ohio sleeps
as the shadow hidden love
dances despite the fact that
there are thousands of reasons why
their feet shouldn’t want to move,
but only one reason why they do.
And they find they know the words, the
notes, the sweet melody as well as
any of us who could dare to sing against
the river’s current
—with the light of love to shine us through.

Erin Wynn is a recent graduate of Northern Kentucky University. She lives just west of beautiful Cincinnati. Her passion has always been writing and dabbles in just about any type from poetry to novels to creative nonfiction. She follows Virginia Woolf's philosophy that we should "caste to the hedge" our culture, gender, or traditions within our writing, and our lives, and adds that sexual orientation need not apply either.