Flower Conroy

Granting Passage

Leather-dark-polished nails
behold: me.  To your blessing
bestowing mouth.  Therefore I am:

crucified-open, starfish-splayed.
Begging for drink.
Begging for fountain.

Will I or won’t I come;
your patient

Can I harness the redblack sky
of my mind,
the redblack birds of thought,

redblack clouds building
behind my eyelids,
the redblack trees’ redblack

branches into my teeth’s nerves,
my tongue’s dirt road of taste buds,
can I amass the redblack red,

concentrate it into one
flame, one focal point
& hold it there long enough

for you to cross & cross
the bridge, that like night,
is this body?

Flower Conroy’s poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in: American Literary Review; Serving House Journal; Psychic Meatloaf; Sweet; Saw Palm; Blaze VOX; The Battered Suitcase and other journals. She will be attending Fairleigh Dickinson University’s MFA program in January 2011. Ms. Conroy currently lives in Key West, Florida.