Sandra de Helen

How to Influence Dreams

Say you love me, court me
sweep me off my feet
dance with me, make me laugh
dress up, be cool, do something
I can’t do for myself.

Make me moan with longing
sing to me, whistle for me
bake me a cake.

Buy me presents and tell me
I look pretty. Be unable to
gaze at any other woman
when you’re with me.

Smell good, have sweet lips
and a hot crotch. Bump and
grind with me, then kiss
me sweetly and say you’ll
see me later.

Call me, text me, send me
an email when I least
expect it. Bring me
balloons. Wake me up at

Sandra de Helen lives and writes in Portland, Oregon. See her current work in The Mom Egg, Stillwater Review, Generations of Poetry, and “pay attention: A River of Stones.”