Seree Zohar


Bowing, treetops meet curlicues of smoke.
Relief is bread and stew, another icy night dispelled.
Massive, that grey sky shot with blood, passing
by, where a man hears “go,
seek yourself”. And they that stay
behind, estranged in their land,
what sacred cow
must they sacrifice to batten down
the bluffed and buffered
tent flap they have become.

Seree Cohen Zohar, Australian-born, emigrated at 20 to Israel where her life included some two decades of farming, echoed in her art, poetry and flash fiction. Her work has appeared in publications such as Routledge’s International Feminist Journal of Politics, Voices Israel, Arc, Skive, Jerusalem Post, Horizons, The Flea and Soundzine. Seree is a professional translator who lectures on the metaphysical within the Genesis texts. Most recently she collaborated (with Alan Sullivan) as the Bible language consultant on a contemporary English versification of Psalms, soon to be published. In her free time, Seree might be found trying out new flash-recipes on her unsuspecting family.