Larry Blazek

A Semi-Material Sailor

I long to dip my aural oar
into the crystal stream
of the mighty Myrthywyth
my curve prow craves to
part the crystal dream
in that crystal myth
Why can’t my sheets
catch that sulfur breeze
that sweeps
down crystal mountains
swaying phosphorescent trees
I turn my back upon the
cubical sun with a shiver;
I quest for Myr;
I long for its crystal river.

Larry Blazek writes: I was born in Northern Indiana, but I moved to the southern part because the climate is more suited to cycling and the land is cheap. I have been publishing the magazine-format collage OPOSSUM HOLLER TAROT since 1983. I could use some submissions. I have been published in the THE BAT SHAT, VOX POETICA, LEVELER POETRY, FIVE FISHES, FRONT, and MOUNTAIN FOCUS ART, among many others.