Blaque Noiz

Give me some

Thank you
for spelling my name out in chocolates
with one hand.
give me some of the rainbows from the other
you charleston dancing angel
you hold harlem in your mouth
like it’s your secret alone
I know
there’s a rhythm to all your scars
crochet the kisses you’re leaving on my shoulders
until they form something
a sweater maybe
that will sing like you do when I’m lonely
Thank you
for teaching me how to make love
and not laughing when I cry
and for crying with me
your tears taste like the hope
of college students in the sixties
give me some
I feel your want when you breathe
exhale, please
I want too.
You walk like you know we’re all soldiers
you cactus princess
with your spines of gold
hug me
you are a creature of fantasy
you dream
or you are not real
Come lay with me
I know you’re hiding fruit behind your ears
plucked straight from the tree of knowledge
and there are shards of my last heart in your pocket
Give me some


Last loves
are more important than firsts.
You taught me this
with our fingers intertwined
with your eyes framed between my thighs
with every Amen emailed to God to thank her
for this moment
curled like silverware in a drawer
with your lips lining promises against my temples
and that space between my chin and bottom lip.

You have no blood or bones
only every poem I’ve ever written
crumpled like muscle,
ink pumping from your heart.

I’ve spoken to you in my sleep
confided all the secrets that scare me.
You’ve held my hand in the most unromantic moments
seen me naked, with bed hair, with no hair,
with blood on my sheets from miscalculating the moon
and you’ve seen all the oil wells I call pores,
the diamonds between my legs,
the deserts under my breasts,
the starving people in my eyes...
You know me like you know air in your lungs
and our love making has become
a gentle war between our bodies
I let you win,
wave white flags so you can conquer me
your victory feels as cool as coconut water
down my throat.

A Bronx Native, Becca has been performing poetry for over seven years under the names Scribe, B-Scribe and most recently Blaque Noiz. She has been blessed to share the stage with the most inspiring minds from Sonia Sanchez to Saul Williams to Stacyann Chin and many more. She is currently living in Brooklyn with her girlfriend, trying her hand at fiction. However poetry will always be her first love.