Sarah Sarai

This Way and That

     It was a fairy funeral. [William Blake]

On the garden bed of
Blake’s fairy procession
roll this and that, these ways
of midnight pleasure

in enchantment and
commonplace wisdom
like don’t touch the fairies,
they’re sensitive.

Act within a soul
populated by
sightings and wistful affection,

see the filmstrip is at
high-enough speed
life’s fluidity's felt,
as at the funeral Blake saw,

a bodylet laid out on a leaf.
Authentication enough for me
[that fairies exist] I e-mailed you
who reminded me
Blake saw God when he was

four. God got down on Her
omniaching knees
now and then to spy on
William Blake
and could hardly contain Her

infinite self, waiting for
the artist to become Heaven and
those paintings to be flashed to
the good and bad alike as proof of

the great mystery of vision
even She can't figure out.

Sarah Sarai is the author of The Future Is Happy (BlazeVOX [books]). Her poems and short fiction are in journals including Boston Review, POOL Poetry, Devil's Lake, and others. Links to her work can be found at My 3,000 Loving Arms.