Nick Jarvis

Reading About Poetry (whilst thinking about girls)

I’m squeezing alliteration
out of her gluteus
maximus, medius, and minimus
until they are oozing
with assonance.

I’m licking the ligature ‘ash’ off
her lobulus auriculæ,
and when I
open her bra (
that she bought at the market)
I find iambic areolae
punctuated at periods with
mammary papilla.

I break the ekthesis
by placing my eisthesis on
        the mon pubis
and there’s a reason
for my caesura
before the, clitoris;
I’m balanced
on the
of the

I can’t help but notice
the litterae notabiliores of
Labia Majora, or
the complexity of

while I’m
BUSily GATHering SENsuous
dactyls, singing
madrigals in a
labia minora, and

desperately hoping
each scansion will
sanction my distraction.

Since graduating in 2010, Nick Jarvis has been performing poetry and running workshops on writing and trans* identities in venues around the UK, where he lives (rather nomadically at present). He has recently been published in Inc. Magazine, The Poetry Advent Calendar, and The Parabola Project. More info available here.