Rick Mullin


One cloud like an adamant balloon ship
came in over Branchport, scudding toward
the bluff, a spacious blue-gray change of weather.

It sprinkled on the Esperanza Mansion,
challenging the map of lily fronds
that mirrored in the lake all afternoon
like Queen Anne’s lace. A scow that rolled to cover
half the sky with something like a welcome
dread advanced as I stood in recital
underneath a silver maple on the lawn.

“Three perfect days” she’d sighed and sipped her wine
before abandoning her wicker throne
dead-center on the lofting grass to take a nap
above the tree where I had come to read aloud.

Keuka Lake, August 8, 2012

Rick Mullin’s poetry has appeared in journals including Measure, American Arts Quarterly, Ep;phany, Envoi, and The Flea. His epic poem, Soutine, was published earlier this year by Dos Madres Press, Loveland, Ohio. His book-length poem, Huncke, was published in 2010 by Seven Towers, Dublin. His chapbook, Aquinas Flinched, was published in 2008 by the Modern Metrics imprint of Exot Books, New York City. Another chapbook, The Stones Jones Canzones, is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press.