Rose Kelleher

On the Suicide of a Moroccan Girl Forced to Marry Her Rapist

After the first life, there is no other.
She is not robed in glory.
Death by rat poison is not majestic.
No soul-recycling, barley-haired earth mother
makes her story
ultimately uplifting and poetic.

She was not just someone’s daughter.
She had a name:
Amina Filali. She was more
important than a drop of water
and not the same
as all the rest who came before.

What happened, there is no undoing
and no redeeming.
Her misery wasn’t mystical,
and spring’s continued self-renewing
can’t give it meaning.
Let it be unacceptable.

Rose Kelleher was born in the Year of the Dragon, on the Feast of the Holy Rosary. She's killed a million trees, all for a Bundle o' Tinder.