Aaron Shurin


“Wispy Guinevere” — I’ll take the name — enormous ring on my finger he kept remarking (a terror to gender) — swept through his sputtering brain so that his back stiffened and his eyes went dull — as on the raked stage of this announcement I rattled my earrings — bombardiers — splitting the evening’s thin serenity into “then” and “now” — flux you — or a muscular can-can kicking the footlights out — le Duc de Joyeuse — in the pure thrill of a serious affront to taste…!

Aaron Shurin’s most recent books are Citizen (2012), a collection of prose poems, and King of Shadows (2008), a collection of personal essays, both from City Lights Books. His writing has appeared in over thirty national and international anthologies, from the first ever LGBT collection in Ukrainian (120 Pages of Sodom) to the new edition of The Norton Anthology of Postmodern American Poetry. He’s Professor Emeritus in the MFA Writing Program at the University of San Francisco.