The theme of this issue was inspired by Ingrid Jungermann's web series F to 7th, so I interviewed her about Gender. I'm happy to introduce Carolyn Boll, who will be Lavender's Assistant Art Editor for Lavender 8, the Dance issue. I'd also like to mention that I've branched out into print publishing, as a Mistress of Headmistress Press, and we are in the midst of our first Open Reading Phase. But before you read Ingrid, submit your poetry and art for Issue 8, and submit your manuscripts to Headmistress Press, take a look at the Gender issue -

You who come and ask for love,
Who below and who above?
Turn about
In doubling doubt.
Not you nor two wild horses can
Tear this woman from this man.
They are locked forever in
This battleground, this single skin.

(Excerpt from Naomi Replansky's poem)

Mary Meriam, Editor
June, 2013