Carla Petree

Anandharay's Thank You Note

Dance teacher, do you know you are a shoehorn for the soul?
slipping people into their purpose

You are changing my daughter’s life.
midwifing the moment in her choice where she swerves into wholeness

Of course you know.
cavorting with miracles and dancing a bridge between “want-to” and “can-do”

            you are the current of water-refreshment-destruction,
            like encouragement, rushing over the spirit design of others,
            nudging them, lifting them, cleansing, toppling, nourishing;
                        Rearranging inner landscapes with the power of your flow,
            lending odd and interesting spirit-joy-muscle-body detritus to the
            collage of their self chatter, and cambre.

You infuse *glitter*gold*shiny*sparks* quietly among her hopes, enlivening any movement
she makes, any at all,
beautifying even the bumbles, and stumbles, of swirling into her life.

thank you

Carla Petree lives near Pacifica, California enjoying coastal living with her kids and brilliant, green-eyed partner, Donna. She is a top 100 winner for the 80th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition, Mainstream/Literary Short Story category for Giragmes Promise, awarded 61st place. Carla also contributed to 42 Magazine, including "Corin's 18th Birthday" and the "Upside Downside" column. Her poetry has appeared in The Sierra Club Yodeler and Lunatics Fringe. Carla dabbles in hermitage, with occasional written proof of her continued existence, such as this poem.