As a dancer I always used words and image as my sources of
inspiration. I knew that deep in the sound of a word there was
movement deep in the image there was silence deep in movement
there was stillness deep in my heart the pause

was full of potential movement sound and pictures moving
interwoven and rich it is in this sacred pause

that all the voices all the dances and all the images begin to flow
from this source open and full of nothing and all possibility to

words steps images people


poets have inspired dancers for centuries, dance the poet,

images linked together through words move us as poems dance
through our memories lines become verse and



each the chain of language

dancer poet mover

I am image transparent

flickering with love

Many thanks to Carolyn Boll for introducing the Dance issue with her poem, and for being such a fabulous Assistant Art Editor. It was such a pleasure working with you, Carolyn! This issue is dedicated to Risa Denenberg. Thanks, Risa.

Mary Meriam, Editor
Lavender Review
December, 2013