Issue 10 is dedicated to the hot writer, editor, author Michele Kort, who signed me up for a 12-month gig on Ms. Blog, where I am thrilled to be “subverting the girlie calendar” with lesbian art. Thanks, Michele.

With sadness over her death, and gratitude for her writing, I also dedicate this issue to Leslie Feinberg. These lines from Adrienne Rich's poem "Quarto" remind me of Leslie:

No one writes lyric on a battlefield
On a map stuck with arrows
But I think I can do it if I just lurk
In my tent pretending to
Refeather my arrows

I'll be right there! I yell
When they come with their crossbows and white phosphorus
To recruit me

Crouching over my drafts
Lest they find me out
And shoot me

Mary Meriam, Editor
Lavender Review