Pat M. Kuras

Denise, Biking in Boston 
for DS

Chance brought us together,
Longfellow Bridge,
me in my battered blue Plymouth,
Denise, whipping on wheels,
bright clothes,
pistachio-shell helmet.
We slow for the
bottleneck rotary.
She slides up beside me,
Light changes and
she’s wheeling up
Cambridge Street past
Mass General, Sporters,
Holiday Inn.
Threads through traffic.
Even the incline
can’t stop her.
Legs pumping,
rises past Old West Church,
rounds the corner
into Government Center,
free and easy.

Pat M. Kuras is a poet and writer. Her poems have appeared in The Gambler Mag, Right Hand Pointing, and the anthology Drawn To Marvel (Minor Arcana Press, 2014). She has written two chapbooks of poetry, The Pinball Player (Good Gay Poets, 1982) and Hope (forthcoming from I.W.A. Publishing Services).