ISSUE 13 - JUNE 2016

Issue 13 is dedicated to “loudmouthed lesbian, which means mainstream invisible” Eileen Myles, darling of the New York Times, published by Ecco/Harper Collins, pied-à-terre in Marfa, photographed at the Golden Globes. In short, the first out lesbian poet celebrity since Sappho. Hey, Headmistress Press made a Lesbian Poet Trading Card for Eileen. You can buy it at the Headmistress Store in Set 3. Thanks to PRIDE for naming Lavender Review one of the 10 Awesome LGBT Literary Magazines You Need In Your Life. LAVENDER POETS & ARTISTS ARE TRULY AWESOME!!! Thanks to Terry Castle for an intensely funny report (and poetic too) on meeting the Hilldebeest. Submit to Lavender Review and to the Headmistress Press Charlotte Mew Chapbook Contest. Lastly, I made a movie.

Mary Meriam, Editor
Lavender Review