Maureen Bocka

President Barbie Concurs

As a Barbie loving Barbie
I find it unacceptable humans
are allowed to dictate attractiveness.
My body does not match human anatomy.
Barbies descended from fashion paper dolls.
We were supposed to be easy for small girls.
Glad we only frustrate the childish adults!

Do not shame us.
First they blame us for being the
“ideal woman” and having “upper class” status.
We don’t even have a Barbie mansion!
All 20 of us sat on an end table beneath a window.
We fought for every square inch of space.

If it’s ever known my friends and I
are lesbians we’ll be incinerated for sure.
There is still no universal acceptance for us.
I thought we showed girls the power of women.
I quickly found out it works both ways.
Live with us or without us.
Let it be clear we are never going away.

Maureen Bocka is a recent graduate of University of Illinois Springfield. She has previously served as assistant managing editor of The Alchemist Review and Uproot Magazine. Her chapbook First name Barbie last name Doll is available through Headmistress Press.