Anna Davidson

Escaping Lines

mind deep in you let’s get away from these border tasting days
im suffocating in
where we’ve been taught to be by now
cant i

call success the back of your neck on a full moon
cant i reach myself from your carefully noveled touch and call it

timeless where do we go

burying hearts in paper play like it’s the only ticket golden enough for these
dreams i want to know you
stripped and unearthed
chanting and dilated

your waves breathe a thousand rhymes easier beside our open mouths and i cant
imagine another moment
swimming within the confines of what we’ve been taught to
be by now
they wait

for these patterns toothless and tongue tied
with fangs on our throats like surface level beauty but
my ocean goddess

i left the dock long before we met
and it only took
loose leaf sunrise to notice your
tread beside mine let’s
waste no time

escaping lines

With roots from the Pacific Northwest, Anna Davidson lives in the love of Oakland, CA as a queer, female-identifying artist, teacher, mentor, and believer of dreams. She practices in mixed-media collage, photography, and poetry, which has taken life on both the stage and page. At twenty-six, her art and writing is most inspired by women, relationships, connections in nature, and the journey to see strength in every emotion. She is most passionate about empowering young women with self-love and confidence through creative expression, spirituality and community building. She sees herself one day living amongst the trees and implementing these practices into countless corners of the world.