Farrell Greenwald Brenner

Courted by the Snow

I was once courted by the snow
she called on me late at night
climbed up my stairs
tapped at my window
rested against my door
left me little doodles that were both charming and magnificent
and notes saying good morning angel
I will be out today, there is a new milk delivery outside
soft like baby's breath
I'd stick out my tongue to taste her
and sharp as the razor blade
I'd wear gloves when we held hands
but even as she fell from the sky
she would not fall for me
hard to tell where she began and ended
drifting transient
infectious to the last,
stunning everyone
and everything
in their tracks

Farrell Greenwald Brenner is a queer troublemaker and Dana Scully enthusiast. She will graduate from Syracuse University in 2017 with a degree in women's & gender studies and citizenship & civic engagement. Her first collection of poetry, Diatribe from the Library, is forthcoming with Headmistress Press. She has been the editor-in-chief of The OutCrowd Magazine, SU's LGBT publication, since the fall of 2014 and her work has also appeared in The Feminist Wire, Perception Magazine, and Urban Labs Central Europe. You can follow her kvetching on Twitter: @farrellelisms