Rae Liberto


It made me more beautiful
like velvet
I've been crushed before
a shadow kneeling naked

Hunger is a beast

I have no need for this
sinister supplication
I am wet footsteps leaving
My mind is an emptied room

Hunger is a beast

Our Bodies Our Selfies 

So many bodies here
I love bodies
cities smushing bodies
shoulders touching
strangers thighs
I love touching

So many eyes here
I love watching
you being watched I
spectacle you  I
audience you I
love you

There is a shining
speck in your eye
I love shining
you are glowing
a reflection of
your mobile phone
filtered in Valencia
I love Valencia


If a woman is a word
then your thighs are lines
of a poem I cannot write
I tried to take a bite
with me

If between is a place
I live there with no words
a piece of poem tucked
in my cheek


Eileen Myles wears
thirteen hundred dollars well
the New York Times wears
the new feminist icon,
does she keep the fancy coat?

Rae Liberto is a queer writer and nurse living in Oakland, California. Her writing has been featured in Broad! Magazine and forthcoming in Sinister Wisdom.