Rese Schille

Emerging From The Fog

I repeat the word
a hundred times in my head.
The vowels and consonants
colliding in ways
that shouldn’t make sense
but do.
An image of us
lying naked, side by side,
infiltrates my mind.
The curves of your body
call to me even now
in this dim space
void of any light or hope.
This one word defines
a lifetime of broken
relationships, of
feeling like this world
couldn’t possibly exist.
In the empty places
of my mind creating
visions of women
kissing in the daylight,
I find you again.
We are naked and vulnerable
lying beneath the moonlight
that filters in through
my window.

Rese Schille was born in Florida where she first discovered poetry as a teenager. After receiving her GED from Boise State University, Rese took some time off to explore Alaska and her passion for photography. In 2014 she enrolled at UAA where she is pursuing her Bachelors degree in English Literature. Her work has thus far appeared in Understory, the undergraduate literary arts magazine at UAA. Rese is excited to continue writing and hopes to publish more of her poetry in the future.