Bailey Workman

This Isn’t Me Anymore

better dead than gay.
and my personal favorite,
“please kill yourself, you disgusting dyke cunt.”
i bear these stripes on my back,
but the blood they drew is purer than any priest’s
vial of holy water.
because your ‘god’ is a false fire, raging to destroy.
your tithes are lining Beelzebub’s filthy pockets,
i pay my wages to a brilliant force of love.
i am a fucking phoenix,
created from the ashes that fill your jug,
your dredges cannot contain me any longer.
the tainted pew tried to chain me,
but I have the freedom your choir
tried so desperately to starve me of.
i will eat my deserved fill,
and leave your poison to unconscious sheep.

Bailey Workman has been published multiple times, with her work appearing in Hypertrophic Literary, Rat's Ass Review, and FishFood Magazine among others. Currently, she attends UNC Asheville in pursuit of a Mass Communications degree.