Freesia McKee

Letter to Emily D.

I was the parking cop with limited jurisdiction. I was the professional association with a failing membership. I wasn’t even sleeping with the enemy and I was making a matter of cents. On the dollar, I mean, so go ahead and give them the D., Emily. My mouth was full of plastic and gushing water. I came out at the dentist’s office and they started asking about my job. I said that I cook steaks and she lifts weights. She drives the car and I wash dishes. I hit the gas with my queer ankle to go for a drive. I told them women have an awful lot of choices.


The want for you
screams loud like a trumpet,
like a prairie wind.
Inside my room, windows
chain and clank
and the record spins on.
You’re like a single
book I read over and over
again. I turn the page
on its brass elbow
and your words sing through
all my walls.

Freesia McKee is a working poet. Her words have appeared in the Huffington Post, Verse Wisconsin, Gertrude, Painted Bride Quarterly, Burdock, PDXX Collective, and Sundress Press's Political Punch anthology. She co-hosts The Subtle Forces, a weekly morning show on Riverwest Radio in Milwaukee.