Kamryn Kurtzner

Something We Almost Forgot

I can hear the pavement
crying our first
real moment with the sun
           in what seemed like years.

It had begun to crack at
the weight of frozen white
kisses from above
           trapped, black -
clouding our sights and smiles.

Everything has been bathed
in yellow, from our eye lashes
to the bottoms of our naked heels
           looking for mud puddles to
soothe our aching souls.

I can hear the birds through my
eyelids again, fingertips pulling
at mother nature’s hair,
lacing together rings
           to announce our love
for summertime friendship.

Kamryn Kurtzner is a poet residing in Palo Alto, California. She has been published in See Spot Run, The Pine River Anthology, and Rat's Ass Review.