Emily Clark

My Muse, My Sun

Water around you is like
apples falling off the tree
and landing a little close.

Move you into my lap
let your body
your legs
your back arch.

I hold you purely
as if you were silk taffeta
Rose quartz on a shelf.

I like to feel powerless
as if I were floating
on a great ocean
and you were my Muse,
my Sun.

When we lie naked
I click your hand in mine
Let your tongue loosen my lips
before I bite.

It’s pure revelation
this skin.

I’m wearing pure
darkness on my sleeve
like rhythmic night
or peyote in the crescent deep.

I steal kisses and hope you swear
to Me alone.

I’m your Holiday forever.

Your body swells into my palm
Skin soft, rising under the sheets.

They make noise, too.

Shifting with your shaven legs
my eyes begin to see
what life was like in the beginning.

If I could only lie here inside you

I would disappear.

Emily Clark is a published writer from Southern California and author of a new poetry collection, Art Triumphant. She’s currently on a multi-state tour promoting her book. She has performed and offered writing workshops in over a dozen venues in six states including The Victory Theatre and Beyond Baroque in Los Angeles, Mohawk Falls in New Hampshire, SoHo in Santa Barbara and The Aspen Poets’ Society in Aspen, Colorado. Her poems have appeared in The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, A! Magazine for the Arts, Askew Poetry Journal, Ventura’s Emerging Poets, Sketches of Home, Aspen Daily News, Spectrum and will soon appear in Cultural Weekly. Her articles have appeared in The Acorn Newspapers and VCReporter.  She’s worked as a writer on several commercial film projects such as: Voodoo Kitchen with Director James P. Lay, (Fight Club, Jeepers Creepers, Meet Joe Black)  “This is the Frequency” with Double-Emmy Award winning screenwriter Simon Moore (Traffic, The Quick and the Dead, Gulliver's Travels), Inside the Grace, Missing Lunch, PinkCity, featuring Kether Donohue (You're the Worst, Grease Live!, Pitch Perfect.) Superstitious Man, (Ivana Jovanovic) The Hunt, and Red Bull Gives Wings. Emily teaches poetry workshops in Southern California to elementary, middle, and high school students through California Poets in the Schools and published a collection of her student’s poetry called Tasty Little Samples in 2016.