Gina Abelkop

I Like My Strong Thighs

I like my strong thighs
When I model them for myself

Sitting down, in front of the
teevee, enjoying the pulse of banal

It makes me feel ready.
A constant low charge.

Clea Duvall, heroine of my lesbian youth,
now plays all the lesbians on teevee

Nice, intense white lesbians

“You are
only as  dumb
as your horse-faced

I’m sorry

Your horse-faced
friend is beautiful”

I want some things
over and over again

Gina Abelkop is the author of the poetry collections I Eat Cannibals ( 2014) and Darling Beastlettes (Apostrophe Books 2012). She lives in Athens, GA, where she runs the DIY feminist press Birds of Lace.