Ree Sherwood

Daydreams of Faraway Places

I grew up to be alive in a little town
house in a little town where I tried
not to look too much like a dyke
in my men’s watch and combat boots
                                              I walked
a thousand miles this year
just to lay on my comforter
with your cheek under my fingers
your voice like thread
                                  you stitched
into my shoulder blade to say
                                    this house is warm
we believed it       happy and
tucked into our little corner

                    I took a breath one afternoon
had never breathed before
dreamt of sunshine sitting
along a fountain’s edge // life passing

through (a pigeon     a child)
wind knocked over a café chair
every heart beat at once

a single swing to a bass drum
we were all aware // all alive

Ree Sherwood’s work is published or forthcoming in Pennsylvania’s Best Emerging Poets, OUT/CAST, and Rivet. Currently, Ree is pursuing an MFA at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and reading for Carve magazine.