ISSUE 21 - JUNE 2020

Eileen Myles: “That a woman, unwriting herself, flooding the world with her details, standing in such an endangered place, could be free.”

Jane Hirshfield: “The balance between meeting our larger, broken world and writing the poems that arise in you to be written, and the nerve-connections that make of the personal and the larger world one body.”

Eavan Boland: “I now know that I began writing in a country where the word woman and the word poet were almost magnetically opposed...In a certain sense, I found my poetic voice by shouting across the distance.”

Heather Clark: “It is no accident that Plath killed herself on the day she was supposed to enter a British psychiatric ward.”

Arthur Evans (quote from Peter Muise in the May-June 2020 issue of The G&LR): “...Arthur Evans... argued that many of the alleged witches executed during the witchcraft trials were actually LGBT people.”

Check out these poets reading their poems in this special video-magic issue: Lesléa Newman, Mark McDonnell, Jae Rossi, Luiza Flynn-Goodlett, Katherine Fallon, Imogen Cook, and Colleen McKee. Here are three more videos:

BUFFALO GALS BAND from Eureka Springs, Arkansas, made this great video:

CLOSET CASES: QUEERS ON WHAT WE WEAR (I'm in this book) made this great video:

With Mark McDonnell, I started an open mic channel, THE BALLSIANS, which inspired me to make this video:

Want to see more poetry videos? Check out  WEDNESDAY NIGHT POETRY!

Mary Meriam, Editor
Lavender Review

Hannah Barrett, Invasion of the Pines (2015)