Kay Zeiss

ode to trillium

trace these ribbons, leading us to a
remembrance of Spring; take me to the bold ones
I want to feel her velvet furrowed petals
lick my cheek, wet with dew
lay me down in the moss so I can see her rightly
imbued by her essence & knighted by her white swords of three
undoing myself; leave me
meadow-nestled for an entire eternity

link to video 

Kay Zeiss is a friend-shaped queer therapist turned organic farmer. When they’re not tending to chickens and bees, Kay is probably writing poetry or dancing with their cat-kids (Frenchington and Gramps). Kay has facilitated writing groups at the VA and is in the process of applying for an MFA. You’ll find their work as the featured poet in issue 7 of peculiar journal. Hailing from Chicagoland, Kay now lives in the Pacific Northwest climbing big mountains to hang with tiny flowers.