Robin Reagler

Bending Civil Twilight

These days last forever.
I wear long sleeves because 
of the message tattooed
on my arms saying how it feels 
to face the limitations of being
this way. As the sun vanishes, 
stars tell their stories across
the retinal sky. Who is to blame
for the hell of secrecy. Who
is manipulated in each moment
by the perplexity of love.
Our story is our story. I touch 
the throat of the elegant 
planetary weather and this, our
two bodies flashing into one.
Here is how I imagine it,
this way, this way and that.

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Robin Reagler is the winner of the Charlotte Mew Prize, selected by Pulitzer Prize winner Natalie Diaz, and the UK's Best Book Award. Her publications are Night Is The Anyway (Lily Poetry, forthcoming 2022), Into The The (Backlash, 2021), Teeth & Teeth (Headmistress, 2018), and Dear Red Airplane (Seven Kitchens, 2011, 2018). She led Writers in the Schools (WITS) for 25 years and is currently a professor at Houston Community College.