Evelyn Grace Quinlan

First Person, Intransitive

I think to myself
And I drink to myself
And I lie to myself
Wonder why to myself

Then I dress to express
And I dream to transform

I say to myself
Have a word with myself
Well I would says myself
If I could to myself

Then I kind me to care
And I find me to norm

I go sad to myself
Have enough of myself
Tell me off to myself
Say I’m sick of myself

Then I sweet me to sense
And I kiss me from harm

I deny to myself
And I cry to myself
Then they lock up myself
Till I die to myself

Then I sense me to like
And I breathe me to calm

I run far from myself
Take a car from myself
I go mad from myself
But there’s always myself

So I scold to myself
I so cold to myself
Then I hold to myself
Till I haul me to warm

Then I dress to express
And I dream to transform

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Evelyn Grace Quinlan was born much later than you would imagine, and fortunately, therefore, her juvenilia went unwritten. Her senilia, however, is in full flood. She previously published widely under a nom de plume (Philip Quinlan), but is now flying solo, wearing different feathers, and loving it. Hurrah for samsara! (S)he previously co-edited Angle Journal of Poetry in English, though said journal has sadly now departed to that bourne from which none returns.