Karen Poppy


Interior sister, liminal, as in
Moving toward change, liminal

As in close to imperceptible.
Close to, as within you.

Tender hive, she nested in you,
Grew thick-walled and large.

In her next existence, she
Will emerge and soar.

She will live as a bird,
Carrying and dispersing seed.

She will live as a field of flowers.
Bees will dust their legs

With her pollen, dance,
Remember her scent—

Bring her back to their hive,
Bring her home to herself.

Karen Poppy has work published in numerous literary journals, magazines, and anthologies. Her chapbooks CRACK OPEN/EMERGENCY (2020) and OUR OWN BEAUTIFUL BRUTALITY (2021) are both published by Finishing Line Press. Her chapbook, EVERY POSSIBLE THING, is published by Homestead Lighthouse Press (2020).