Pavel Frolov

Like New

Dear Friend –
my Heart was Broken 
when I met you – 
it was Overdue to Mend

forgive me if I had alarmed you 
when I teared in your Arms
still Healing from the Harm
of Other Places I have Been to 

Like New
my Heart is
a NU JAZZ Beat

such Joy
to see you 
let us keep on 

link to video

Originally from Moscow, Russia, Pavel Frolov (He/Him) is a queer-identified New York City-based performer and writer. He holds a BA in Communication from Brooklyn College. Pavel's recent poems have appeared online in Elevator Stories, Ariel's Dream, Milk Carton Press, Visible Magazine, Poetry Festival and in print in anthologies from Beyond Words & Wingless Dreamer. Also, Pavel's short story The Appetite Zone or Penny Dreadful for a Marxist was published in MIXED MAG Issue 13 earlier this year.