Andie Klarin

Permeative animal/object

I am throwing rocks at trains from the astroturf
out behind the local highschool.
My ex-girlfriend’s blue pitbull is here
but she is off a bit. Like a songbird
with its head stuck in the feeder.

For you, my love Christ may enter the poem. On your behalf

I can bring him before me. Well meaning but incidental.
He can obstruct my view of the horizon. Put his body
in between me and my consequences.
I can gaze out toward his shadow. He can
cool the air down as if night has come.

Neither of you can bring me anywhere I don’t want.
I have brought my want everywhere I have been.
I will not follow you. My want will have to move
all of us together.

Andie Klarin is a queer Jewish poet. Their most recent work has been published in Chaotic Merge: The Identity Zine and Revolute vol.3. You can find them on Twitter @Andie_Klarin, @andiekkarin on Instagram, or in real life somewhere in the woods.