Merlin Mack

A Girl Named Cricket

I’d never seen a dyke with gray eyes and I’d never kissed a girl before I met Cricket

She sneaks in my window to read me books I’m not supposed to read

She has this smile that looks like upside down shoelaces that are hung on power lines

and it’s especially nice when that smile is directed towards me

People in town say that Cricket is called Cricket because when she snores it sounds like chirping

I’ve only heard it once and I could of sworn that was a dream

Cricket wears denim overalls splattered with paint, though I’m not even sure if she’s an artist

I’ve never asked her, I always seem to forget about that sorta thing when we’re together

All we talk about is ideas that we have written in our notes app

She climbs into my room and kisses my forehead

“Someone someday will remember us,” Cricket says in between kissing me all over

I hope people will remember us, I hope someone else will know love like this one

When Cricket tells me I’m beautiful I can feel the words grow roots into my apartment complex

And it makes me feel like a cicada with flip phone

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Merlin Mack (they/them) is an intergalactic lesbian, proud disabled human and writer based on the west coast. If they aren’t working on a poem they can be found reading a book with at least one good literary motif in it. They are currently working towards a BFA in creative writing at Southern Oregon University.