Elisheva Fox

psalm for Feinberg.

if the world needs to be repaired,
like the rabbis said—

and i think we can all agree that yes
the world is fucking broken, and yes
someone should fix it,

then my question is:

why does everyone hate us?

and by us i mean: us. you, and me,
psalmists screaming at heaven.

but i also mean: us.

the queers, and the dykes, the butches, the trans folks.

don’t they know how good we are

with our
hands, with tools
with taking

something shattered

and making it
glitter again?

Elisheva Fox [she/her] is a poet with roots firmly planted in Texan soil. A finalist for the Gwendolyn Brooks Poetry Prize, her work has also appeared in Paper Brigade, Rust + Moth, Canthius, Cordella Press, and Strange Horizons. Her first collection, Spellbook for the Sabbath Queen, is a 2023-2024 selection for Jewish Women's Archive Booklist. She can be found in the wildflowers of Instagram @elisheva.fox and Bluesky @thefoxmother.bsky.social.