Michy Woodward

hot girls

i trust that my trust in hot girls is untrustworthy like the trust i placed in 2008 when Hilary

Duff single handedly ended homophobia in that “that’s so gay” PSA. i had braces then.

the rubber bands in my mouth went “pop!” a cultural reset. closing the gap of my

overbite and fear. hot girls who ask if you want some candy in an unmarked van? yeah,

i’ll trust them. kind of like the way i trusted my hot tattoo artist who was a hot girl as if

being hot is the only skill needed to ink in miami. it’s supposed to be a cat but it looks

like a gun. black blob. side boob. permanent like forever. oh my goddd yeahhhh i love it!

fuck. i hope the next girl i fuck doesn’t think i stan the NRA. i just keep trusting hot girls

who are hot enough to make me trust them. i’m tired of hot girls with tummy issues.

they’re so tired and trustworthy. my therapist says the last hot girl i trusted was a

narcissist. she never went to therapy. hot girls never go to therapy. they’re too hot for

self reflection. unless it’s in front of a mirror i guess. hot girls hungry for prey. hot girls

killing boys for fun. hot girls named medusa. hot girls with unskilled advantage. hot girls

pretending to care. hot girls in the heartbreak hotel. hot girls i’ve trusted who’ve hurt me.

hot girls i secretly hope will like me. hot girls posing as mistakes. hot girls until i learn my

lesson. hot girls until they’re canceled.

Michy Woodward (she/her) is a queer, mixed-race Asian-American Brooklyn based writer and artist. Her poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Queerlings, Bullshit Lit and The Amazine. You can find her on instagram @michywoodward.