Natalie Kaye Gunn

Sexy Springtime Ghazal

Red, tight fold, gentle hold, a dozen tulips,
Vase half-full, wet stems pull forth a bouquet of tulips.

Pink, smile small, teeth and all, between two lips,
Eyes half-open, heart awoken, lay me down, two lips.

Green, fresh scent, floral event of red tulips,
Placed in hand, nothing planned, a gift of tulips.

Purple, buds tiny, kisses shiny on two lips,
Fingers slip in, mouth on skin, in two lips.

Black, stamens erect, pollen flecked inside tulips,
When will you open? Answers unspoken from the tulips.

Lavender, my lover, on top of you hover my two lips,
Yes! You cry out, gush and spout from your two lips.

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Natalie Kaye Gunn is a queer and disabled artist recently published in Ink & Marrow and Lavender Review. She was raised in the Pacific Northwest and nature and art have been her constant companions. Nat’s writing style draws on her experience as a musician and theater artist and she loves to perform for live audiences. She is retired and lives in northern California with her partner and chihuahua. @NatalieKayeGunn