Soon Jones

In the Blue Morning Haze

Be quiet a moment longer,
   O robins flickering on the trellis,
      though the sky warms into a soft livid
    urging your song to the sun.
Don’t wake her

until I’ve abandoned her balcony,
       sinking from the second story
so as not to disturb her
       with the brittle creak of the hall
    and the squeal of the front door.

      May the steam of my breath
          mingled with the scent of her love
curl toward heaven,
     evaporating like my name
         from the corners of her mouth.

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Soon Jones is a Korean lesbian writer and poet originating from the rural countryside of the American South. Their work has been published or is upcoming in Denver Quarterly, Poetry South, The Good Life Review, beestung, among others, and they are currently pursuing an MFA in Poetry at Oklahoma State University.