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Just to say, the best way to read this fine journal is in sequence. The poems are followed by art works, so that poem and art work comment upon each other in fascinating ways.

~ Susan de Sola

Any art from a marginalized group is first dismissed as necessarily trivial or lesser because it doesn’t value the same ideals as the mainstream. It is only through iteration and resilience that the markers used to keep us out become the elements for which we are prized. That’s why a journal devoted to lesbian poetry and art is vital: it rejects tokenism; it makes visible the common themes between otherwise dissimilar writers and artists; and, most importantly, it shows the range and prowess of those who would otherwise be limited to one feature of their work.

~ Eloise Stonborough

Mary Meriam’s Lavender Review publishes writing and art online by, about, and for lesbians. What’s so exciting about Lav Review is that it posts work by established artists alongside up-and-coming names that are fresh, innovative, and fascinating. The journal is lovingly produced, centered around a new theme each issue (fairy tales, night, epithalamion, etc.) and features audio recordings of many of the pieces.

~ Alyse Knorr

One doesn’t wish to appear facile in declaring great affection, doesn’t want to be just another anything-to-see-my-name-in-a-comment-boxer, can’t abide the thought of contributing to the dissolution of sincerity and honest affections hither and yon. And yet. One does love. And (one realizes) it is Lavender Review one loves. One knows that as one knows the warmth of sun in Spring. One knows that to love Lavender Review is to love Mary Meriam. There it has been stated. One loves. There is more than one beloved and the lover herself is beloved and thus it is with love and Lavender and Mary. Ever yours...

~ Sarah Sarai

I love Ms. Meriam and everything she does is covered in stars and kisses in my eyes. So donate you selfish people so she can create beautiful magazines like Lavender Review with all the gorgeous art and poetry she finds.

~ G.L. Morrison

I love the Lavender Review! One of a handful of truly world-class online literary journals. The presentation (art) is marvelous, and the poetry is top-notch. And I am not only saying that because they took my psychedelic Sapphics poem "Lorelei" for issue #2!

~ Rick Mullin