From a recent article at the Poetry Foundation: “Perhaps female creative potential was always squandered because its full reception and nourishment was culturally impossible.”

Tee Corinne: “The lack of a publicly accessible history is a devastating form of oppression. Lesbians face it constantly. The impact of this on art is that lines of development are obscured, broken, sometimes destroyed beyond reconstruction…”

From Two Augusts in a Row in a Row by Shelley Marlow: “Betsy is a leader of a whole region of witches in the north, while Susun has a coven of lesbian rabbi witches south of here. They have faith.”

From Lone Stars by Sophia Healy: “The lack of boundary, the apparent aimlessness, is actually a tactic, a motive. I want my paintings to look totally without presumption, to flow without pomposity, like a river without end, on which events pass simply and serenely. . . All I care about is nakedness, simplicity. I want a painting to be absolutely naked. . .”

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Mary Meriam, Editor
Lavender Review

Liz Collins Embrace (2015)
Acrylic on canvas with stitched rayon yarn
Courtesy of artist and LMAKgallery