Colleen McKee


A stray glint of glitter on your cheek,
a diamond splinter in my heart.
I fell for your soft laugh
and Soviet dental work,
the talons in your tattoos,
the way you brushed my hair
til it sparked.

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Colleen McKee is the author of six collections of poetry, fiction, and memoir. Her most recent chapbook is Routine Bloodwork, which was a finalist for the Charlotte Mew Award from Headmistress Press. She is also the author of My Hot Little Tomato (Cherry Pie Press); Are We Feeling Better Yet? Women Speak About Health Care in America (PenUltimate Press); A Partial List of Things I Have Done for Money (JKP/Saint Louis Projects); Nine Kinds of Wrong (JKP/Saint Louis Projects); and The Kingdom of Roly Polys (Pedestrian Press). Currently she is working on a novel tentatively titled Shlomo the Strong Man and the Uninvited Guests, which is about a possibly cursed circus. She also enjoys singing in Yiddish and other languages for The Klezmerachis. Colleen comes from a Jewish/Irish family in St Louis but has lived in Oakland, CA for nine years.